6 Benefits of Window Tinting in Australia

In the brutal summers of Australia, tinting your home windows is a must. It is often considered one of the best home improvements. In this post I will highlight some of the benefits of window tinting.

Key window tinting benefits:

There are several benefits of tinting your house. Australian summers are harsh on skin and property. A house with tinted windows has following major benefits:

  1. Heat control and glare reduction
  2. Energy Savings
  3. Skin protection
  4. Security and Privacy
  5. Decoration
  6. Graffiti Prevention

Different types of tinting films are utilised for specific purposes. Depending on the type of film, there are varying benefits.

1. Heat Control and Glare Reduction

Glare reduction is one of the most visible things associated with glass tinting. Rightfully so, since it is one of the most obvious changes that you will observe. Most of the films can filter up to 99% of harmful UV radiation. If your home gets extra cold during the winter, you can specifically ask your window tinting professional to use a more suitable film.

2. Energy Savings

Having control over your room temperature lets you save energy. It’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to keep your house cool during the summer. This is a one off preventative measure that helps reduce your energy bills.

3. Skin Protection

According the the cancer council of Australia, we have one of the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. As they say, prevention is better than cure. This thin film helps prevent skin cancer.

skin cancer facts


4. Security & Privacy

Tinted windows reduce the visibility as the film reflects back the light. This one way filtering offers you an unimpeded view. Nothing in the house can be seen from the outside.

The special security film on the other hand toughens the glass. You get protection against storms, break-ins and accidents. Security film holds your glass firmly in place. It also prevents the glass from shattering.

Glass with security film is does not break into dangerous shards.

5. Decorative tinting

Decorative tinting is quite a popular choice for commercial buildings. It is often used for subtle branding. It is also used for decoration at home. You can add logos or your business patterns to your walls for a consistent feel.

Tinting film is also a smart alternative to blinds or curtains in the office.

6. Graffiti Prevention

Anti graffiti films are quite helpful in fighting vandalism. It allows you to replace a film instead of the expensive glass that has been vandalised.

With all these benefits, window tinting offers great value for money. Get your house tinted today. Contact Us.

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