Home Window Tinting

Glass tinting is a must in Australia’s harsh climate. Apart from the comfort of having your windows and glass doors shaded, the savings in cooling for your house can add up to thousands of dollars. With energy controlled window films up to 79% of solar energy is blocked from entering the home or office. In addition up to 30% of heat loss can be prevented in the winter. These films are also designed to block out  up to 99% of  UV rays whilst reducing glare by up to 85%. This could save you money on faded lounges,curtains and carpets especially where the sun shines directly into rooms. Ask us about the night series films which are designed to cut down internal reflection both day and night, plus delivering an uninterrupted non reflective outlook like clear glass. Also be aware of the fantastic LIFETIME warranty.

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting:

There are several benefits of having in your home.

Tinting your home windows reduces the heat and glare resulting in a reduction of your cooling costs. Tinted windows also lessen the effects of harmful UV rays, so that your interior fabrics and artwork don’t fade.

ASAP Glass Tinting have been tinted Perth’s household windows for 35+ years. Contact us today on 0418 904 343 for an obligation free quote.

Protect your house from the harmful sun and save on energy bills too!